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A celebration of the bizarre, live from Los Angeles.

I guess I could write something about the recall here. Nah.


Well, here's what I'm listening to lately. And reading. And watching.

Beck's Sea Change, esp. track 9. Well, all of them. Over and over.

Battle Royale. Government-enforced Survivor with Japanese highschool kids and Uzis. Terrific. Really.

Finding Nemo. Saving Nemo? Whatever. Probably the first and last time I'll ever be an Ellen fan.

2 Weeks Notice. Yes, really. Cute, actually. A throwback to Bringing Up Baby - also saw recently - without as good talent in the leads. Alas. If they had picked up the pace, really hit that clippy snappy tap routine that Hepburn and Grant do with dialogue, it might have gone somewhere.

Vanity Fair. The book, not the glossy. Though I did read that article about JFK Jr. and his wife and her coke problem. What utter trash.

Half Magic. A lesser children's fantasy story.

Stepford Wives. Consciousness raising, baby. I prefer Rosemary's Baby.

A TV show about conjoined twins being separated, followed by a televised breast reduction surgery. Also some MTV show about a model with a pink poodle. This is what happens when you get cable for the first time in life, I suppose.

Tart. A slightly more soap-operatic Metropolitan. Not half bad.

Cocteau's Sleeping Beauty. Burns the images into your mind. Must be the black and white.

Justin, track 6. Shoot me now.

Profoundly Disturbing: Movies that Changed History. Joe Bob Briggs (relatively) new book. The art dept. did a really nice job on it; great photos. And of course, fun insightful essays.

Meow-meow. Cool tunes.

That's enough for now. I'm so scattered these days, I don't know how to blog anymore. Must focus. Oh, I know, something worthwhile: Happy 26th to Nakrack, aka Havendish, aka Nathan! Have a good one!

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