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A celebration of the bizarre, live from Los Angeles.

Jack Black to rock with Richard Linklater. Dude.

Saw some great shorts yesterday at the Internat'l Cinematographers Guild Festival. The writing in two really stood out: Marked and especially The Night Before, about 3 boys in a hospital the night before their operations.

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SILLY NOSTALGIE: A trip to one of the UCLA coops today had me fondly remembering my own college cooperative days. My friend Glenn built a wooden fold-down bar over his bed and was open for business most weekend nights. Drinks were a dollar. Irish whiskey was the house specialty. Red Sox memorabilia hung everywhere. We sang "Angelina" out loud through clouds of cigar smoke. It was good wholesome fun.

(Louis Prima)

I eat antipasta twice
just because she is so nice
the waitress at the pizzeria
I eat zoop-ing minestrone
just to be with her alone
the waitress at the pizzeria
Ti vol-glio be-ne
Angelina I adore you
E vol-glio be-ne
Angelina I live for you
E un pas-sio-ne
You have set my heart on fire
But Angelina
never listens to my song
I eat antipasta twice
just because she is so nice
waitress at the pizzeria
If she'll be a my My Car-ra mi-a
then I'll join in matrimony
with a girl who serves spumoni
and Angelina will be mine

Those were good days. Fortunately, so are these.

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Poor is the new rich. You heard it here first.

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Props to Mox for a lol funny post today.

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Guy #1: I learned two things in life real early: Don't fuck with doctors or judges, because they can mess you up for life.

Guy #2: Oh man, I know it. A while back, I was facin 10 years jailtime. I got that bumped down to five right off the bat. Cost me $50 K. I served two and was going to walk at three, but then i told the judge to his face he could take his goddamn motherfuckin self, take his courtroom and fuck hisself with it. And you know what? He made me do the whole five years. Shiiiiiit.

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EASY GO, EASY GO: Well, I've finally paid my taxes. It was just my lifetime savings, you know, no biggie. (Tho that's more a statement about my net worth than it is about the tax rate.) Still, it was the most I've ever had to pay--the equivalent of a month's rent. Yikes.

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JAZZ HANDS, EVERYBODY!: Columbia is remaking the '60s musical "Bye, Bye Birdie," with 23-year-old USC graduate Jon Chu directing, I read in the Hollywood Reporter.

OK, I'm a wee bit skeptical about where this musical trend is going—but I'm also looking forward to it. Because I have to say, the revival has been all good, so far. We've had Magnolia, the fabulous Moulin Rouge, Hedwig and the Angry Inch—at the Fairfax Laemmle here in LA they have a midnight dress-up sing-along screening once a month. Even the ultimate rosy-cheeked classic, The Sound of Music, has found a kitschy new life in the theatre, a la Rocky Horror Picture show. You haven't lived until you've seen a cute gay man sing Leisl's "I Am 16 Going on 17." And, of course, tthere's Chicago, a smokin' show and film adaptation.

These are not Ginger Rodger's progeny; they're her red-headed stepchildren. Of course, now that they're a proven cash cow, we can probably expect the big players to suck all the subversive creative energy out faster than you can say "Roxy." (Not to suggest that Chicago is by any means subversive. Still, it's stylish.)

And then there's the movies that have become live musicals, reportedly with great success: The Producers, Hairspray, etc. L.A. POSSE: The Producers will be at the Pantages in a few weeks, if you haven't already heard.

I think I heard that the Broadway hit Urinetown is also headed to the silver screen...

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I like J Lo as an actress. Nevertheless, cringe. twitch. PUKE:

Yahoo News (4/8/03, 5 p.m. ET) -- Jennifer Lopez and her fiancee Ben Affleck are talking about making a new version of the classic film, Casablanca. According to London's Express, the celebrity couple is considering the roles played by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the legendary 1942 movie.

The next movie for both Lopez and Affleck will be Tough Love, formerly known as Gigli. The film has been troubled by terrible audience responses to test screenings and is currently being reworked. It's still tentatively scheduled for an August 1 release.\

Don't kill the messenger.

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Go watch Rhys Southan's hilarious freedom ad, "Consuming Hypocrisy." It's competing against 24 others, so don't forget to vote.

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Los Angelenos: Thanks to a heads-up from my French informant, I'm going to be screening some films next week at City of Lights, L.A.'s French film festival. For the full schedule, visit the official Website; the Weekly's write-up is here.

I was glad to see that the Weekly gave high marks to the picture I thought looked most interesting, based on the festival's synopses: Une Part Du Ciel (A Piece of Sky):

"When a young female factory worker is sent to jail for a violent act, two co-workers discover that their lives are defined by compromise. Shifting between the personal and the political, between the factory and the prison, these women reveal their true selves and create a newfound friendship."

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Have I mentioned my infatuation with the giant squid, he of the huge, liquid eyes, super intelligence, and mysterious air? Oh, giant squid, I am yours. Well, here's a COLOSSAL squid. I feel faint...

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I've calmed down a bit today. But the future is depressing.

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